You will be able to choose from a variety of excursions to nearby sights,
like for instance:

Edfu: Visit the Temple of Horus, well preserved, from the Ptolemean times (200 B.C.) or stroll through an authentic oriental souk offering fruits, vegetables and many items an Egyptian needs.
Al Kab: Here one finds the remains of a huge city wall (500m x 500m, 12 m wide at the basis) from the time of the first pharao dynasties - 3000 B.C. The hills behind the wall hide graves which depict beautiful murals (of the 18th dynasty). In the adjacent valley are two temples and the cliffs show numerous paintings - about 10.000 years old.
Hierakonpolis: or Nechem as it was known to the ancient world, has been the sister city of Al Kab since the very earliest times of the pharaohs. The large remains of the huge adobe brick walls are even older than the pyramids of Giza near Cairo. This used to be the residence of the kings of Upper Egyt before the pharaohs. King Narmer united Upper and Lower Egypt and founded the first dynasty of the pharaohs approximately 3150 B.C.
Bird-watching : on the Nile
Hill of Sheik Kussej: An easy climb to the top of the hill offers a phantastic view towards south across the Nile.
Gebel Silsila: About 60 km south of Edfu are the sandstone quarries dating back to paranoiac times. From here came the huge boulders used to build the temples of Luxor, Esna and Edfu. At the time of Ramses II up to 3000 men worked in these quarries.
Darau: Located 30 km from Assuan is where the famous Camel and
Cattle Market takes place. The camels for sale are brought here from the Sudan.
You might also like to make day excusions to the cities of LUXOR or ASSUAN, both about 120 km away, and visit their many interesting sights.