Are you already acquainted with Egypt?
Maybe, at one time you have have been a passenger on board of one of those ships which cruise the Nile from Luxor to Assuan.
You may have looked upon the green banks of the Nile where people are tending their fields or are fishing off small boats, and in the evening, when at sunset, they lead their animals down to the river. All this brings to mind pictures of tranquillity and peace. Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the palm trees and fields of sugar-cane? Come, and let us show you!
Halfway between Luxor and Assuan, the classical route for cruise ships, lies the town of Edfu, well-known for its famous 2000 year old temple of Horus, the hawk headed god. Approximately 10 kilometres from Edfu, at the edge of the small village of "Saidar Bahari", surrounded by fields and a few houses,
lies our new
GUESTHOUSE "Funduk al shams" (Sun Hotel)